AGM Durmont Austria GmbH at the Hartberg location constructed a roof-top photovoltaic self-consumption system with a nominal output of 660 kWp.
This investment helps to reduce CO2 emissions by being a clean and renewable source of energy. This project was co-financed by the
European Regional Development Fund.

More informationen about IWB/EFRE can be found at

Premium Automotive Carpets excel through their performance

Premium Automovtive Carpets stand for the highest wear resistance and long term durability. At full use they meet the high requirements set for interior textiles by the automotive industry.


High quality tufted floorings for public and commercial buildings and private homes in the most beautiful colours

As a contract manufacturer, AGM Durmont produces premium quality tufted floorings for the public and commercial building markets. The optimal use of resources within the public and commercial buildings and automotive spheres and their mutual exchange requires a beneficial synergy...


Technical new development as the highest priority

As per tradition, it is our highest priority to develop new technologies and innovation or to further develop currently applied technologies. Our committed development staff particularly focus on reducing the emission, weight, and cost of the respective carpet constructions to meet customer's exact needs.


The use of environment-friendly resources is a AGM Durmont tradition

In the production of textile floorings AGM Durmont focuses on using the highest product quality and processes and product quality in each different production step from tufting to coloration, hydro fixing, cutting and coating.