AGM Durmont Premium Car Carpets are developed to provide the highest wear resistance and durability in the market. At full use they meet the high requirements set by the automotive industry for interior textiles. Whether used as car floor mats, formable carpets or rolled carpets for interior fittings, our products exceed customer expectations.

Premium Car Carpets by AGM Durmont meet customer expectations by combining performance with innovative design of colours and patterns. Differentiated and accurate customer orientation, efficient process management, and optimal exhaustion of the underlying competence potential creating uniqueness in a multifaceted product.


Rolled carpets

The high-quality rolled carpets deliver the highest wear resistance and durability. The rolled carpets are suitable for the production of interior textiles for door panels, floor pans, rear package shelves, and seatback coverings.


Formable carpets on rolls or carpet squares

These extremely resistant carpets have been optimized for the highest breaking point and tensile strength. The acoustic characteristics required by the customers are adapted individually and are manufactured for all current interior textile variations.


Floor mats for the automotive sector

AGM Durmont floor mats distinguish themselves by their high variety of design combined with the highest manufacturing quality. In addition to all current coating variations, the mats are optimized for the highest stability of form, abrasion resistance as well as non-slip and acoustic characteristics. A highly motivated staff, competent from the development phases through manufacturing, guarantees excellent quality of AGM Durmont floor mats.